Well, that’s the Cape Bernier Vineyard vine pruning finished for another year!

Pruning evokes such a strange set of conflicting emotions:  at one level there is the optimism of fixing up all the blunders and chaos of the past.  At another there is the frustration that vines insist on growing in ways not seen in the book. It’s a slow and somewhat tedious process but we almost feel a sense of anti-climax when it’s finally finished.  And of course there’s the Tasmanian winter weather to contend with – it’s a character forming experience all round!

At Cape Bernier all stages of the pruning process are by hand with the only machines being humans and secateurs.

Recent market place events include Tasmania Unbottled, the Tasmanian Wine Industry’s road show to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  We missed Brisbane this time but had a great response from both Consumers and the Trade in Sydney and Melbourne with great support from our two distributors; Alex in Sydney, and Mark and Sheona in Melbourne.  Thank you so much to you all.

While in Sydney the 2013 edition of James Halliday’s “Australian Wine Companion 2013” hit the streets.  Cape Bernier has a “4.5-star winery” rating and all of our six wines rated from 94 to 89 pts!

Once again, these results demonstrate the truth of the idea that “great wines are made in the vineyard”.  Our current release Pinot Noir 2010 rated 94 pts, while our Chardonnay 2010 is rated 92 pts!  The Pinot Gris and Pinot Rose were both awarded 90 pts.

Our wine rating results also show the value of wild yeast fermentation in our two best wines: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

At Cape Bernier we work with the sometimes difficult and challenging conditions of our very cool coastal site to grow fruit and produce wine which reflects the site and its unique characteristics or “terroir”.  These latest results provide a great sense of achievement!